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To enable a embroidering machine to sew a logo or a design the art must first be converted into a format the the machine can read. A digitizer (us) takes the file and plots points for the embroidering machine that make up the final design. Without this file the machine does not know where to sew.

No. When a file is digitized it is turned into a series of points (x,y) that make up one stitch to another. If you take a file made up of 4000 stitches that is meant for a left chest or a cap and try to use the same 4000 points but stretch them over a much larger area, your points will be too far apart causing baggy stitches and there will not be nearly enough to cover two or 3 times the area. The same is true for the opposite if you take a design made up of 10,000 stitches and try to jam them into a small 3"x3" area you will end up with a giant knotted mess.

We try to have all files back to our customers in 24-48 hours. We do offer a rush service at no additional charge but we ask that you only rush jobs when it is absolutely necessary so we can keep this service to our customers "at no additional charge".

First we need you to submit a file that you need to have quoted. After you tell us to go ahead and digitize design, we will send you back an image of what the finished design looks like. If you are happy with the results then you can submit payment using Paypal (we will send a link to pay your invoice) and we will send you the embroidery file that you can take to your local embroidery shop. You do not need to be a Paypal member to submit payment.

The reason we like to know what kind of material you are sewing on is so we can compensate for all of the unexpected things that stitches like to do on different materials. For instance, if you are going to be sewing on a towel we would add extra stitches called "underlay" to make a smoother surface for the embroidery to sew on. If we do not know you are sewing on a towel we would not know to add these extra stitches. Every piece of information we know about your job makes for better embroidery.

The embroidery file we send you tells the embroidering machine two things: where to go andwhen to switch colors, It does not tell the machine which color to switch to, this will be assigned by your embroiderer and is limited to the color thread they have available.

The best person to answer this question is the person doing the embroidery designs for you. They will know which file format their machines take. If you are unsure what kind of machine format to use we suggest getting the most common file type needed which is a DST file. If it turns out you need a different file format we can change it at no additional charge for you, providing we have the format available to us.

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